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The current U.S. stock market appears to be following a similar path as was previously witnessed by U.S. investors in 1929, 1987, 2008, and by investors in the Japan Nikkei in 1990, Hong Kong in 1997, and many others. These were the most famous world stock market "crashes" of the century. We have already witnessed crashes in internet and high-tech industries during 2000 and the "sub-prime" washout in 2008, will this year also be added to this prestigious list for a "Crash" in the United States? Will the global economy crash too?

I would rather be prepared and wrong
than to be unprepared but right!

Current Commentary -- Where Are We Now?

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Saturday, June 17, 2017 PM:

I had stepped away from regular updates to CyclePro Outlook for just over 6 years because of the dual impact of (1) just being burnt out and (2) an increase in travel requirements for my day job that occupied too much time. To do CyclePro Outlook justice, I needed to spend a minimum of 4 hours per day doing the necessary research, creating charts and other graphics, and of course writing the commentary. Over time, this wears on you, especially when CyclePro Outlook is a free web blog. I always treated CyclePro Outlook as nothing more than an open diary of the things that I was personally monitoring for my own trading activities -- providing it here simply forced me to develop and articulate my theories and analysis sufficiently so I had to fully understand them.

Active traders and investors, please read this disclaimer.

I currently have no plans to resume any of the former depth of analysis that I used to provide herein, but I am going to begin posting some comments for the meager list of friends and colleagues that had expressed interest over the years. If you are reading this and are not on my distribution list, then please feel free to read it at your own risk. Please do not email me from this web page as I am not actively monitoring the CyclePro Outlook inbox -- the folks on my distribution list already know how to contact me.

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